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Who rules the world?


Who Rules the World?” was the first book I ever read from amongst Chomsky’s many writings. It simply blew me away. I remember reading it in only two days. When I had finished reading, I felt enriched, better informed and even, I might say, better educated. It was a bit like reviewing the history of the modern world and then turning it upside-down. With his points of view and unpublished information, Noam Chomsky opens our eyes in relation to numerous historical events. “Who Rules the World?” is an analysis, a protest, an appeal to all readers, all executed with a strength and an insight that I had never seen before.

 “The most important, living intellectual. A destroyer of established truths.”

The New York Times

There was one thing that, above all else, made me fall in love with this book. Just one thing.

For someone like me, a fan of international politics and great historical events, “Who Rules the World?” is almost a kind of sacred text. It is simply written but it addresses and explains complex themes. Only the truly great can do this and Chomsky is one of them. Simplification. Explaining difficult topics whilst making them understandable to all.

The wars in Iraq, those in Afghanistan, the Cuban missile crisis, the European Union, the euro, the Central Bank, the Rothschild dynasty, the dictatorships in South AmericaUS-Europe relationscontrolling public opinion, the UN, terrorism, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, IranNATO, Russia, Chinese expansion, are all topics covered in the book. But the word covered is reductive. The topics are explained and discussed, informing readers and sharing with them large amounts of information that the media never dares to mention. This helps the reader, and helped me too, opening my eyes about lots of issues that I previously thought I knew something about.


 “Together with Marx, Shakespeare and the Bible, Chomsky is among the ten most cited sources in the history of culture … A hero of our times, an excellent mind”

The Guardian

“Who Rules the World?” is simply the most wonderful book I have ever read. Not so much for the way it is written, although, I repeat, it is very simple and fluid. But for the content. This marvellous writing has had a strong influence on my mindset. Indeed, many of the fascinating topics covered by Chomsky also figure in various articles on this blog. For example, the article on Spin Doctors, who manipulate public opinion through the mass media, or the one on Comfort Zones,

which all of us possess and have difficulty emerging from. To be quite frank, you can come across his concepts by simply chatting to me over a cup of coffee. I was totally inspired by this book.

“Who Rules the World?” is universally recognized as Noam Chomsky’s most significant and powerful work. This is because it forces you to see things that are right in front of our eyes, but that we normally refuse to notice, accustomed as we are to accept the narratives dictated by the mass media and official statements. This book contains genuine reports of crimes against humanity perpetrated by the “Rulers of the World?” (whom he clearly identifies).

This book reveals how the human race is rushing towards self-destruction, but Chomsky’s reasoning, however clinical, does not induce either surrender or despair. Rather, I would call it a call to action. A call to every one of us. A call to open our eyes. To get informed. To take action to change our common destiny.

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