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Online slots, explained in simple terms


For the past several years now, it has no longer been necessary to leave the comfort of your own home to lay a bet. Ever since AAMS legalized online gambling, the numbers of dealers and, consequently, online gaming sites on offer, have multiplied. The most popular form of online gambling is undoubtedly that of online slot machines.

Each online slot machine must be “certified”, before being put online, that is, it must pass checks by third party companies that verify the algorithm to ensure it complies with Italian standards.

Once approved, every online slot machine is different but I can tell you that, on average, they are calibrated to give back in payments around 95/96% of what is collected. In jargon, this is called RTP (return to player), and generally lies somewhere between 97% to 93%, depending on the slot machine, or even depending on the operator, because sometimes the RPT can be modified (within certain legal limits) by the operator himself.

Now let’s look at how online slot machines work:

Slot machine games are divided into two parts: the main game and the bonus. Obviously, the “Returns to player” are also divided into two parts, because part of the takings will be redistributed during the main game, and another part during the bonus games.

This division is fundamental; bear it in mind when you play. This is the reason why, if you are not lucky enough to earn a bonus game (for example, free spins) you get the impression you are losing money faster than the total RTP would lead you to expect. Because the machine is accumulating resources to pay during the bonus games (where, quite often, larger amounts are won than during the main game).

In this specific slot machine, the main game will be won (on average) once every 2.5 turns / spins A bonus game will be triggered once every 125 turns / spins. All slot machines work in a similar way to this.

So, after discussing Lotteries and scratch cards , we now know a bit more about online slot machines too. We are beginning to get a clearer picture of how different forms of gambling work. We are almost ready to play responsibly and select our favourite game …

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