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The Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel is my favourite Los Angeles resort. I almost always go there when I visit this magnificent American city.

The Loews Beach Hotel is located in Santa Monica, just opposite the beach. It usually takes me about 25 minutes to reach the hotel from the airport, but, of course, a lot depends on the traffic. Once I arrive, however, and leave the car in the hotel car park, I often forget that it’s even there. That’s because the hotel’s fantastic location means you can actually walk to a lot of different tourist areas.

The view from my hotel at Loews

The Santa Monica Pier is a 3-minute walk away. To get to the beach, you only have to cross the street, for Venice Beach, it’s a pleasant, 20-minute walk along the seafront, and it only takes 10 minutes to walk to the famous 3rd Street Promenade, the pedestrian shopping street.

The hotel is of a very high standard and for this reason the price is certainly not what would be considered affordable in Europe. All the same, it is still a fantastic hotel, offering excellent service. Staying at the Loews is like living in a movie, you can relax and soak up the fantastic atmosphere, pampered by the amazing staff. Want to see for yourself?!?! Look at this short video that I made on my phone as I came out of my room during a stay at the Loews:

If you think this looks promising and you want to check out the room rates and maybe even make a reservation, you can do so by clicking here.

Make sure you don’t forget to leave a tip! In America, and therefore also at the Loews, this is expected. Tips are also appreciated when one of the hotel employees solves a problem or provides a perfect service.

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If you think The Loews isn’t for you or you’re looking for something a bit different, click on the banner below and you’ll find other accommodation options for Los Angeles.




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