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Everything you know is wrong” is a book that I bought several years ago, one that caused quite a stir across the world when it came out in 2003. Hundreds of thousands of copies have been sold and a second and a third volume were also needed in the years that followed, to cover new themes.    

In years gone by, the topics covered by “Everything you know is wrong” would have been labelled as “counter-information“. That is, journalistic investigations aimed at trying to shed light on, or at least, to ask questions about, events and the way in which they are presented to public opinion. Nowadays, we use a different word. One that, for me, is a dirty word! Today we talk about conspiracy theorists. A term used to denigrate anyone who dares to ask questions. Simply because, if their ideas were proved to be true, it would completely overturn the “status quo”, better described as people’s comfort zone.

“Everything you know is wrong” handles thorny topics, like 11 September, AIDS, the Vatican Bank, Drugs, Multinationals, Globalization, pornography, SARS, depleted uranium, Mad Cow disease, the banking sector and much more.

I don’t want to dwell on the individual issues, because it would be very hard to present them simply. Much better that you simply read the book. The greatest strength of “Everything you know is wrong” is that it encourages scepticism. It leads us to begin asking why things happen and to stop taking everything for granted, but to check up for ourselves. Always. After reading this book, you may or may not agree about the topics covered. But you will have analysed every single theme from an unbiased point of view. Which is the only way to really look into things.

Just finished reading AGAIN this book.

I remember very well that, after reading this book, I spent the next two days looking for further insights on Google. I wanted to check if the things written in “Everything you know is wrong” were true. I remember that I changed my mind about several subjects but, above all, I opened my mind to new ideas. I learned not to blindly accept what I was told by the media. I learned to do something very simple, but which few people bother to do. Check. Check what I am told, because often the media are controlled (even unknowingly) by the techniques used  by Spin Doctors. I have described their techniques in this article

“You can believe me, because I never lie and I’m always right”

The mass media tehttps://amzn.to/2oblIXull us this continually. But, after reading this, I learned not to be afraid to change my mind. There is nothing wrong with doing this, if it is done on the basis of serious research and subsequent reasoning.

If you, too, want to read “Everything you know is wrong”, and I highly recommend it, you can buy it with one click.



  1. Concordo su tutto.
    Siamo arrivati ad un punto dove anche quando si apportano tesi o domande valide si viene viene come quelli… “delle scie chimiche” (che tra l’altro ritengo una palla stratosferica).
    Ricordiamo che Ignaz Philipp Semmelweis fu addidato come ca…ro persino dalla comunità medica ed ora le sue teorie sono prassi.


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